Price Range for this helm starts at $200.00 and can reach up to $500.00


The Bacinet Helm came into favor at the end of the 13th century and was very poular thoughout the 14th century. 

This model is our curved faced visor. Its hard to pinpoint the visors exact origans for it was widley used. It has exelent breathabilty, good sight index, and is easy to maintain. 

We useally produce these helms in Mild Steel, Stianless steel, buffed polished or blackend. 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, thickness.




We can meet the offical armor rule requirments for SCA, IMCF, ACW,ACS,ACL, as well as any other medival combat organization.



Wonderful for Movie productions, cosplay, reinactment, medieval combat sports.


Made in The USA and India by Our team At HBCARMORSHOP.COM


We pride ourselves on customer safty and use. Please understand that the use of this helm is on the customer and we can only garentee the quality of the helm, not the saftey of this helm if used or warn improperly.

European Bacinet

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